Wombat Goes to School by Jackie French and Bruce Whatley

Last week we had some reviews for holiday reads. This week from the number of people filling their stationary lists at the local shops I believe we are now focused on getting ready for the return to school. In Australia the beginning of a new school year also heralds the start of school life for many children, and I can only hope that their first day of school is as much fun as Wombats.

In Wombat Goes to School in her search for food Wombat finds herself at the local school. As well as searching and finding food,  Wombat makes a friend and sees what the children do with their day at school. When the school day ends Wombat is so tired she does what wombats are best at doing and goes home to sleep.

As with all the Wombat books Jackie French creates a unique view of everyday life that will make you and your children smile. Bruce Whatley’s illustrations are not only beautiful but they are integral to the telling of the story. This Wombat book is a keeper. I wish I had found it before my son’s first day of school as it would definitely have given him a different view when making this big change.

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Wombat Goes to School by Jackie French and Bruce Whatley

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