Welcome to the Bookbubble

This site started because I was selling children’s books and I kept getting asked for book recommendations and for reading advice.

I no longer sell children’s books, I write Young Adult fiction, and as part of that I read a number of books for research and just pure enjoyment.

I still use this site to share some of my favourite reads and I invite you to browse through and find something that may interest you.

Book Reviews, We have a great backlog of reviews for you to browse.
Reading Advice, Articles and ideas to support parents as they work with children to develop literacy skills.
The 2020 Reading Plan I am trying to be more organised this year, so you will find the books I am reading on my goodreads page. Why not have a peek?


From time to time I will share promotions here for you to find reasonable priced or free books. I hope this will encourage you to try some new, non-traditionally published authors.