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I have to admit that I have had this book sitting on my Kindle for some time. I bought it with every intention of reading it as the first book of a series written by a new local author. But I have to say I have not been won over by the angels and vampire genre and never got past the first chapter, which is about the fall of an angel.

When I decided I was going to review independent authors as well as those supported by publishing houses, I planned to review of this book as my first. So this week, with a train journey in front of me, I started this book for the third time. I planned to finish over the next couple of weeks and write the review. Well the best laid plans and all that…..

This review is coming two week earlier than I had planned, and a little late, as I found myself getting engrossed in this book to the extent that I did  not have time to read the 2 books I had planned for this week’s review. And this is a testament to why you should sometimes read or try something out of your comfort zone.

It is not that I am suddenly a convert to the angels and vampire genre, not even close. It was more that while reading this book I was transported back to my early teens when I loved to watch Dawson’s Creek and was caught up in the love triangle that was Joey, Dawson and Pacey. To me Fall for Me is essentially a teen romance with a modern twist (the angel and vampire element) set in Australia. My teenage self that hides deep inside enjoyed the characters, their rather wry interactions and the fact that the point of view moved back and forwards between Angel Grace and  human Josh, who managed to fall in love inspite of Grace’s interesting extra-curricular activities getting in the way. To add tension to the love story, Fallen Angel Seth is there in the background causing doubts in Grace as their past is slowly revealed to her.

What saves this book from being a dewy-eyed love story, giving it some real interest, is Grace is not just any girl in love. She is a kick-ass protection angel/vampire hunter who must make a decision when confronted with a vampire with a pure soul. It is the age old question of good vs evil when the side of good is not so clear, and how do you make the right choice when whatever you do there are consequences that will affect those around you.

I was side-tracked by Fall for Me this week, and enjoyed it! Even better, book two in the series, Fight for Me, is already out, and book three is on the way.

If you want a return to your teenage years, or you love the Angel and Vampire genre, or you are looking for a book for a tween girl, then you cannot go past Fall for Me.

You can buy Fall for Me by clicking here



Dawson’s Creek Meets Twilight in Australia

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