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If you wanted proof that the realm of science fantasy writing is broad then the two book I am reviewing today illustrate that to a T. Both books are set in the future, both books are love stories inter-twined with adventure, and both books use science to create a different reality, and yet both books are so very different.

Maddigan’s Fantasia is set in post-apocalyptic  New Zealand and follows a travelling circus/fantasia as it journeys to find a power source to save civilisation. The tale of the strange journey is mainly told by Garland Maddigan but also through the eyes of other characters, including Timon a time traveller. The small group battle the elements and henchmen sent from the future to try and save their world.

This is a fantastical story that is well told, and with believable characters, and if you have enjoyed Margaret Mahey’s other books and her unique view of reality you will love this. I really enjoyed reading it, but the target audience would be the 10-14 age group and I could see both boys and girls enjoying this. The book has also been published as Maddigan’s Quest to link in with a TV series of the same name.

These Broken Stars is also a post-apocalyptic view of humanity, but in this book we have moved into space and humanity have been treating planets much like Europeans treated their colonies in the 19th century. This story is told through the eyes of Lilac (the uber-rich daughter of one of the head of one of the main colonising corporations) and Tarver (a decorated soldier and colonist who has been involved in putting down colony uprisings). In a very Titanic scenario the two are shipwrecked after their luxury space liner crashed on a planet that looks as though it has been formed for colonisation, but is a little bit more wild than they bargained for. While working towards their survival in a hostile environment the two get to know each other better, and also discover the secret of the planet which gives them a whole new view of life.

This book is the first in a trilogy aimed more at Young Adults, and is an engrossing read whether you enjoy a good love story or you love science fantasy books, although I suspect girls will find it more interesting than boys. It definitely leaves you wanting to read the next two books in the series.

So if your readers love delving into alternate realities, or like a little romance in their lives, then why not give these books a look.
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