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Book Review  – Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

There is always that moment when you start a new book and you wonder if this book will transport you to another world, or will you end up not finishing it because it is not really for you. This feeling was more intense for me when starting Passengers, as this is the first book I have requested from a publisher for review purposes. As I do not like putting bad reviews on TheBookbubble I was hoping I like this book enough to be able to write something positive so I could actually publish a review. I worried needlessly, I was hooked after the Prologue. In fact I found it difficult to put the book down as it transported me to other worlds both literally and figuratively.

Passenger is  essentially a time travelling adventure story where boy meets girl and they battle evil forces to try and win the day. What makes this book so compelling are the two main characters and their reaction to the unusual situation they find themselves in. Etta is a feisty caucasian girl from the 21st Century and her partner on this adventure is Nicholas, a determined, independent black man from the 18th Century. Etta is thrust from her life back into Nicholas’ world and, not only does she have to adjust to the different time period, she also had to some to terms with a whole sub-world of time travellers she is a part of but knew nothing about. They are both forced into fulfilling a mission and to do achieve their goal they must work together, with Etta providing knowledge and Nicholas his experience of time-travelling.

As they jump from country to country and century to century they must battle not only their enemies, but also with differing perceptions of the role of women and racial prejudice that they, and those they encounter, have. This is not made any easier when they both have conflicting ideas of the form their end goal will take, and is further complicated  when they realise their feeling for each other are changing. As their journey progresses they find there is more to their initial quest than they realised; there is more than one enemy to face, and they realise that the decisions they make in trying to meet their own ends could change the course of history forever.

This book is a great read for older teenagers and will be on my highly recommended list. It is something that will entertain them when they are not busy with homework, but might also make them think a little about things we take for granted in terms of  gender and racial equality in different countries and different times. I was lost in this book for the five days it took me to read it, and I felt like I lost a friend when I reached the end. And to me that is the mark of a good read. All I can say now is “Alexandra Bracken, hurry up with the sequel please!”
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  1. Hi, I was just enquiring whether anyone has won this book yet. I’m a keen reader and was very intrigued when reading the review.

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