Unknown  The Dragon Snatcher by M.P.Robertson

I usually try to review the first book in a series, but in this instance although The Egg is a great book, our family favourite in M.P.Robertson’s series about George and his dragon is by far and away The Dragon Snatcher.

This book has all the elements of a classic adventure story. A dragon arriving at night to take a boy on an secret adventure, a wizard stealing dragon eggs, a high speed dragon chase to rescue the final egg and save the dragons from extinction, and a dramatic ending with a twist. I am sure every time we read this book my son believes he can be George and ride a dragon to the rescue.

What makes all of M.P. Robertson’s books enthralling is great story telling, with engaging subject matter – I doubt any child can resit a story about dragons? What makes them great is the relationship between George and the dragon he raised, and of course the amazing, colourful illustrations that support the story.

Although we when we first bought this book it was favourite bedtime story, the subject matter also meant it became a book my son loved reading by himself as he developed his reading skills. He does not read it so often now, but I am not allowed to pass this book onto a new reader.

We also have The Egg and The Great Dragon Rescue, both of which we also love, but in our hearts we always prefer to set off on to rescue the dragons from the Dragon Snatcher.

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The Egg The Great Dragon Rescue Time to Read: The Dragon Snatcher (Time to Read)


What child can resist a book about dragons?

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