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Grandma Wombat

by Jackie French and Bruce Whatley

One of my greatest disappointments with books was that I discovered Diary of a Wombat after my son had grown out of picture books. It did not stop me from borrowing the book from the library and reading it to him, but it did stop me from buying a copy. So you can imagine my joy when I was given the opportunity to review the new wombat book by Jackie French and Bruce Whatley. I also took the opportunity to carry out my first reading as a bedtime story as I used to with the Diary of a Wombat.

Grandma Wombat is a hit! We laughed so much when we were reading it we almost lost track of the story line. The story line is simple. Grandma Wombat also has a diary. She also likes to eat, sleep, scratch and search for food. Grandma does not like roos but she does like to babysit for her grandson. Like all grandmothers she likes to teach her grandson how to do things, and her grandson is the best, most well-behaved grandson. But you should see what baby wombat gets up to when grandma thinks he is sleeping!

This book has all the great elements of Diary of a Wombat. Beautiful illustrations that are actually used to tell the story, repetition of words to engage younger readers and a story line that will split your sides. Much as I love the other wombat books this one is now my firm favourite because having watched my son with his two grandmothers I find this funny on so many different levels. Although this would make a great gift for the children in your lives you should also give it a thought for grandmothers this Mother’s Day, I think they will enjoy it just as much!

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Grandma Wombat – A Diary with a Difference

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