The Impossible Quest by Kate Forsythe  Unknown

Initially this review was going to be on The Impossible Quest Series Book 1 Escape from Wolfhaven Castle as it seems that every child I talk to at the moment is reading this book or another  one in the series. I thought it was worth a read to find out what all the fuss was about. However I found this book so engaging I had to read all five books in the series over the weekend and am now reviewing the entire series.

I love a good medieval sci-fantasy book, and this series is one of the best I have read. Children will love it because it is very action centered as well as telling a good story – four young teens search for four mythical beasts to fulfill a prophecy and save their families. What I love about this series was how Kate Forsythe managed to keep the action moving along quickly enough to keep children interested, while clearly describing her fictional world and characters in detail. This is no easy feat and she carried it out seamlessly.

While the books are target for the 5-12 market, most children who enjoy the magical and mythical will love reading these stories or having them read to them. There are deaths and there are scary bits, so there are some children who may not find them so engaging because of this. I have also found that children who really like the Dear Dumb Diary and Diary of a Wimpy Kid genre are not big fans of these books. However, this reader was and I cannot wait to see what Kate Forsythe brings out next!

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The Impossible Quest – Impossible to Put Down

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