unknownOld Tom by Leigh Hobbs

A little while ago I wrote about Hi/Lo Readers and since then I have had a few people ask me for advice on where to get books like this. It seems that many parents want to find books with simple plot lines and simple language as a way of encouraging their children to pick up and read a book. Last week I was putting up some second hand books for sale on TheBookbubble shop an I came across a book I thought might fall into this category and decided to review it. This is not a new book, in fact the Old Tom series has been around for quite a while, but it think children today will still find it funny and fun. While I was investigating it I found that not only are there more books in this series, but there are cartoons available on youtube to keep your children’s interest levels up.

Angela Throgmorton is a fusspot who live alone. Someone leaves a not very pretty cat on her doorstep and she decides to bring it in and raise it. Her life is turned around and she is not so sure she likes it. In the end frustration at Old Toms antics dives her to throw him out. But did she do the right thing? Old Tom is essentially a story of friendship and acceptance told in a funny way with words and pictures.

The good thing about this book is that it is in Chapter Book format and every child wants to be reading chapter books. And it will not only be the reluctant readers who like the kooky drawing and Old Tom’s naught antics. The recent scholastic review of children’s reading identified that most children want to read something funny, and this book certainly hits the spot. I cannot say I enjoyed reading this book as an adult, it is too superficial and silly to capture me, but I am not really the target audience. I have watched children from six to ten read this book and belly laugh while they are reading, and I can appreciate that Old Tom is exactly what children want to read to be entertained. With the added bonus of some youtube clips to back it up, and some more stories being released this year, this book is set to be a winner with your children.

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Old Tom – A Book About Friendship

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