Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton unknown

I bought this book to read on an impulse when I had some time to kill purely because I loved the cover and it is set in the desert. It think the desert is always a place of mystique and this book set in a dessert land definitely captures the magic and romance the dessert brings to mind. The location provides an interesting backdrop that brings to life magical creatures, political intrigue and romance in an entertaining way through the exploits of Amani Al’Hiza.

In a world where women are less than worthless Amani struggles to leave her unhappy home to find somewhere she belongs and where her life matters. A stranger unexpectedly gives her the opportunity to do just that buy helping her escape and giving her the opportunity to write her own life story. On her journey she and the stranger travel through a desert filled with dangerous magic and turbulent rebellion, avoiding the sultan’s army to get Amani to the city of her dreams.

With this book it took me a little while for me to warm to the main characters but I persevered because the story line was so intriguing. Who can resist a book about rebellion against a cruel regime that includes magic and romance set in the desert? Well, clearly not me! And I was rewarded for my efforts as the main characters grew on me and secondary characters were introduced who were unique, interesting and well written. There are also some entertaining twists in the story that are completely unexpected. I think this book will appeal to the older teens with a  romantic bent, giving them an offering that does not include vampires. This is the first book in a series and I for one will be looking out for its sequel as the ending left many unanswered questions.

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Rebel of the Sands

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