Awful Auntie by David Walliams

(Reviewed by Sam 9 and Vivienne)



If the Scholastic Reading Reporting shows that children love books that make them laugh, then Awful Auntie by David Walliams fits the bill.

Stella Saxby is an orphan left in the care of her truly awful Aunt who only wants her to sign over ownership of her home, Saxby Hall. Aided by her owl, Aunt Alberta makes Stella’s live miserable trying to get her to give up her home. Just when things start to get really miserable a surprising friend comes to Stella’s aid, and together they battle one of the world’s most nasty villains.

My plan had been to review this book myself to see what the David Walliams craze was all about. Around half-way through the book was struggling, so I asked reviewer Sam to help me out. I was enjoying the story line, the writing was good, and I did find it funny in an odd way. What was irritating to me was the lists throughout the book. I could see they were there to amuse children, but I found them taking away from the story. So I asked Sam to read the book and let me know what he thought.

From Sam: The Awful Auntie was surprisingly good. I hated Alberta, thought Soot spoke funnily, Wanger the Owl was scary and Stella was very nice. In some bits I felt like I wanted to puke, like when Stella was fed worms and mice. In some bits I laughed my head off.

I enjoyed reading this book but I prefer reading books with more complex plots, but I think children 8-12 would enjoy this book because it is not complex.

For me, I enjoyed the book, but like the children in the book who cannot see ghosts after the age of 13, I think many of the things children find fun about this book pass adults by. So I found out why children love David Walliams’ books, I enjoyed the one I read, but they are not my cup of tea and it seems they are not Sam’s either.

Awful Auntie – Awfully Good

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