Della Mortika – Voyage to the Antipodes by Geraldine F Martin

I love Steampunk. When I read my first book in this genre I was hooked. I love the fact that history is changed by a different science developing mechanical inventions beyond those around at the time. And I especially love the idea of flying ships. When I first stumbled across Voyage to the Antipodes I decided I just had to read it and find out if a stream punk book about a journey on a flying ship written for the teen market would be as engaging, and it was.

The Della Morte family are steam-punk inventors. They are invited to Melbourne to receive an award but on the journey something terrible happens, leaving the three Della Morte children to be treated as orphans when they arrive in a Steampunk version of Melbourne.

I really enjoyed reading this book, not least because the three heroes are girls. Girls all with very different personalities, but who are all inventive and creative in their own ways. I also enjoyed the way the story is told by each of the characters, bring a different perspective to the plot line. What I really liked was the inventiveness of the various steam-punk inventions and how it changed the world the story is set in. Things are very familiar, and yet just a little strange. This is a true adventure story with travel and pirates and a twist at the end to set you up for the other books in the series.

This book would be a great read for 10+ girls who love adventure stories, and boys who love steampunk and do not mind their heroes being of the opposite gender. While this book is a story in itself, it does set the reader up for the next adventure Abigail, Beatrix and Zara will find themselves in as they come to terms with being orphans in Melbourne.

To find out more about the Della Mortes please go to their website for a great mulit-media introduction.

Della Mortika – Voyage to the Antipodies

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