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When looking for some new books to review in the Harper Collins catalogue I decided I needed something out of my comfort zone. Our reviewer Sam had already said he wanted to review the Zombie book so I chose the fifth book in the Selection Series by Kiera Cass. I would not normally read something that looks so glitzy and seems like a romance novel, but I know many young girls just love this sort of book.

Before my review I will give you a quick summary of the first four books. Although you do not have to have read any of these to read The Crown, it helps to know the background.

  • Book One – The Selection  – America Singer is one of 35 girls chosen for the selection, a process whereby the Prince Maxon will choose his future Queen. She gets to live in the palace, wear beautiful gowns and be treated like a princess, but has to give up her love for Aspen the boy she loves but can never may because he is  a caste below her. Then she starts to have feeling for the Prince.
  • Book Two – The Elite – America is one of the final six. When she is with Maxon she is bedazzled, but whe she sees Aspen around the palace she is conflicted. Soon she will have to decide.
  • Book Three – The One  – Find out who America chooses.
  • Book Four – The Heir – King Maxion daughter is now ready to make her selection, but will she find a love like her parents?

In the Crown we catch up with Princess Eadlyn struggling through the selection process. Her twin brother has run off to marry a French Princess, her mother has had a heart attack and her father has taken leave to look after her and has handed the ruling of the Kingdom over the Eadlyn. In order to cope with all of this Eadlyn has narrowed her suitors down to an elite six. Not only does she have to choose a suitable husband, she must deal with unrest in her country all while worrying about her mother.

I have to admit I read this book in a day. I was prepared to slog through it because it is my job to review books, but I was immediately drawn into the world Kiera Cass invented for her selection series, and I could not wait to see how her heroine dealt with the adversity that faced her. The love story was more of a sideline to the two main themes of the book. The first was how to be true to yourself when others do not seem to like you, and the second was how to deal with prejudice on both a large scale and at a personal level. In the end Eadlyn does choose her husband, but she does in style and on her own terms.

There are many romance novels on the market for young girls, but if I had a teenage daughter who loved romance and glamour and dreamt of being a princess I would be buying her the books in this series because they are all that and so much more! I loved the strong female characters who actually deal with real life issues in their made up world. I love the political element to the books as it stops the characters from becoming self-absorbed, but also encourages young girls to look to the bigger issues. But in reality I would also buy them because they are well written with great dialogue and good story lines. In fact The Crown was so good I may just have to head to the local library and get the rest of the series for my next holiday read.

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The Crown – A Crowning Glory

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