The Secret Seven Collection


by Enid Blyton

For the final August review of new books I have cheated a little with a reboot. Although this book was published this year, The Secret Seven Collection is refreshingly unchanged from the 1949-51 originals. The book contains the first three books of the Secret Seven series by Enid Blyton: The Secret Seven; Secret Seven Adventure; Well Done, Secret Seven. In this collection you will go with the secret seven as they rescue a prisoner, find some pearls and stop a robbery while finding a boy his mother.

In the movies reboots modernise stories, and so I was a little worried The Secret Seven I grew up reading would be changed beyond recognition. Much to my relief the books may have a new cover but the stories are exactly the same as I remembered – along with the governess, red pillar boxes and afternoon tea!

The things that have helped these books endure even in the modern age of television and computers are also still there. The seven children form a secret society (what child can resist a secret group with passwords and a club house?) are still looking for adventure and out smarting the adults by solving crimes using their minds and quite a bit of luck.

I loved re-reading these books because they took me back to a simpler time of childhood where children roamed the local area at will and did something with their time other than look at a screen. My son likes the adventures, the friendships and the idea of the secret society, and of course Scamper the dog. Although he realises the stories are not set in modern day, he still loves reading them and one of his favourite audio books is Well Done, Secret Seven.

So do not be put off by the age of these stories, children will love spending time with Peter, Janet, Jack, George, Barbara, Pam, Colin and, of course, Scamper the dog. And if you choose to read them as a bedtime story I am sure you will enjoy adventuring with The Secret Seven as well.
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The Secret Seven Collection – A Not So Well Kept Secret

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