Zombiefied! Outbreak by C.M. GrayunknownBy Sam S (Age 9)

This week’s review is on the third book in the Zombiefied series. In Zombiefied Zombie obsessed Benjamin finds some not quite dead creatures beneath his school and becomes part zombie. In the second book he comes to terms with his powers. Our child reviewer Sam read the third book in the series and has a review for us.

What is the book about?

A boy who is bitten by a zombie has learnt to control his powers, which are; infra-red vision, super strength and super speed. When his brother goes missing all hell break loose as he finds dark secrets beneath his school.

Favourite Character?

My favourite is the main character Benjamin because he is a half zombie with super powers who helps save his brother, his friend and the school.

Favourite bit in the book?

When Ben is captured by HAZMAT (Humans Against Zombies Mobile Assault Team) and held in a cage. They are after him because he is a zombie and they think he might bite someone at any minute. He is held in a cage and cannot get out but he is rescued by his friend Sophie.

Why is the book so good?

I liked this book because it has a lot of exciting twists and turns as well as both funny and scary moments.

Who would like this book?

Boys and girls who like scary funny books would like Zombified books. Although the age range is from 8-12 I think many 12 year olds would find the book a little young.

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Zombiefied! Outbreak by C.M. Gray

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