Exposure – A Teenage Brennan Novel

Exposure – by Kathy and Brendan Reichs


Sometimes the best books are found by serendipity, and it was through serendipity that I found Exposure. Stuck waiting in a shopping mall I looked for a book to read and was attracted to this book because it is written by one of my favourite authors – Kathy Reichs. It was also on sale, which was a bonus. So I bought a coffee and started to read, and nearly missed my appointment as I lost myself in this book.

This is the fourth book in the series Kathy has written with her son for the teen market. The central character is Tory Brennan, great niece of Temperance Brennan. She and her friends have been infected with a virus that gives them super-human abilities. In the past they have used these abilities to solve mysteries. In Exposure two of Tory’s classmates have disappeared and she and the other ‘Virals’ decide to investigate.

Exposure has all the elements that make Kathy Reich’s other books such good reads. The strong characters with interesting inter-personal relationships are central, as is the mix of science and good old common sense. There are also many twists and turns and enough suspense to make you wonder if Tory will even make it through to the end of the book let alone solve the mystery. That all these things come together in a book that teenagers will enjoy is a testament to Kathy and Brendans’ story writing skills.

If your children enjoy crime and mystery stories The Virals series allows them to indulge their love with books targeted especially for them, and you may also enjoy a read yourself.

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