The Novice (Summoner Book One) by Taran Matharu


A review by Sam aged 10

On the first weekend of the NSW school holidays I asked Sam, our junior reviewer, for his recommended book for a good holiday read, and he came up with The Novice, the first book in the Summoner Series by Taren Matharu. I should not be surprised as he went to book week as Fletcher, the main character, and one of his birthday requests was book two in the series. Over to Sam.

The Novice is about an orphan who finds a summoning leather which allows him to summon demons. Then he accidentally burns the face of a rich man’s son. In fear he runs away and eventually ends up at Vocans Academy, a school for student demon summoners. Students at the academy are training for a tournament that will decide who helps with the war against orcs. Fletcher wins the tournament, but there is a twist. You will have to read the book to find out what it is.

My favourite character is Fletcher, the main character, because he is truthful and trusting, and they are good traits for a hero. I also liked Othello, a dwarf with a golem as his demon. He is my second favourite because he is very kind and befriends Fletcher.

My favourite part is when Fletcher wins the tournament because he wins spectacularly and against all odds.

I would recommend this for good readers from 10 years who like books set in different worlds with great heroes and magical things.

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The Novice – Sam’s Holiday Recommendation

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