Our Favourite Dad Reads – A Special Father’s Day Review for Jim

In my experience every family has a read aloud parent and a reluctant read aloud parent. In our family it is my husband Jim who does not really like reading out loud. He did read often to our son, but to help him along we found him some dad books for father’s day. Two really wove themselves into our family life, and one my husband can still recite and he does so at every opportunity.

If My Dad Were a Dog by Annabel Tellisunknown

‘If my Dad were a dog,
just for a day,
I’d tell him to sit
and I’d tell him to stay.’

This is such a lovely fun rhyming book where the child imagines how they would spend the day with their Dad if he were a dog. How could you not want to read a book where the dog dances like a Butterfly Queen, eats fish fingers and peas, and goes to the park? The illustrations are bright and funny, and I believe this book is why my son always wanted a dog!

Me and My Dad by Jill Kearneyunknown

‘I just love it when my dad and I swoop on the swings….. BUT Dad sometimes runs out of swoop’

This beautifully illustrated flap book talks about all the thing a child loves doing with her dad, and under the flap we find out all the dad embarrassing side of these activities. But in the end the girl just loves the way her dad loves her. The appeal to both children and adults is the embarrassing things the dad does but how the girl really does not mind. In our house we still say ‘I’ve run out of swoop!’

I love that we found books the Dad in our house could share and loved reading, creating a special bedtime activity that we all enjoyed.

If My Dad Were a Dog is hard to find but you can buy it

From Amazon

From Ebay

From Abe Books


Me and My Dad is out of Print but I have found a couple of copies

From Ebay new

From Fishpond NZ Second hand

Special Book Reviews for Fathers Day

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