Max Remy Super Spy – In Search of the Time and Space Machineunknownby Deborah Abela


Many of the younger girl readers I have spoken to are obsessed with kick-ass girl spy stories. In the past I have reviewed EJ12 and Nancy Drew for them, this week I tried a new hero from the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge List – Max Remy Superspy. I was pleasantly surprised. In fact she may even take the place of Nancy Drew as my favourite spy/sleuth.

Deborah Abela has created a character that is sassy, smart and adventurous. However, unlike Nancy and EJ, she is also flawed. She is grumpy and rude and trying to deal with her parents’ divorce and the fact their lives often take precedence over hers. Her sidekick, Linden, is funny, light-hearted and nice and balances out Max on their adventure.

The story in this book is a little fantastical, well any story about an 11 year old spy is going to be, but Max and Linden travel from a small town in country Australia to London in search of a time and space machine, and the man that built it. In order to complete their mission they must take on the super villein Mr Blue.

On Search of Time and Space is fast paced, descriptive and will well written characters. More importantly it is a fun read, even for adults. So if you are running out of books to keep your junior(5-10) super sleuth/spy amused you should give Max Remy Superspy a spin.

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Max Remy Superspy – In Search of the Time and Space Machine

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