Mr Tanglewood and the Pungapeople by Barry Crump


How annoying would it be to have your house build in your dream location sabotaged by the locals? In Mr Tanglewood and the Pungapeople that is exactly what happens to poor Mr Tanglewood. He tries to build a retirement house in the most idyllic place, only to find the locals do not really want him there. The Pungapeople are New Zealand’s equivalent to leprechauns, and they do not like intruders. However their campaign of tricks against Mr Tanglewood turns against them as he finds a way to thwart their antics leading to a surprising ending.

Written in rhyme this book is great for reading out loud, and the illustrator Donovan Bixley has captured the colours of New Zealand beautifully in his illustrations. Perfect for bedtime, this book became a family favourite from our first read. However, it is Barry Crump’s unique sense of humour that makes this book so unique and enjoyable. New Zealanders reading this will relate to that sense of humour of this cultural icon, many others will have experienced his special brand of humour in Hunt for the Wilderpeople.

If you you have enjoyed Barry Crump’s humour then you should try the Pungpeople books. You and your audience will fall in love with New Zealand’s very own leprechauns.
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Mr Tanglewood and the Pungapeople

Pungapeople – A Real Taste of Kiwiana

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