The Sin Eaters Daughter by Melinda Salisbury

I’m a great believer that some books you are just meant to read. The first time I bought copies of The Sin Eater’s Daughter for the bookshop I thought what a great cover and what a great title! I so wanted to read it, but I resisted because if I read every book I bought to sell I would have nothing left to sell. Finally though I gave in to the temptation and read this book, and what a book!

Before writing this review I was trying to decide what category this books fits into. It’s sort of a love story, but not quite. It is sort of science fantasy, but not an epic fantasy. It’s part mystery, but that does not fully describe it either. Actually what is really is is a journey. It is Twylla’s journey from a child dreaming of something more in life to growing up and taking responsibility for her own actions.

Twylla’s mother is a Sin eater. When a person dies she eats their sin’s and releases their soul so they cannot return and Twylla is set to follow her mother until the Queen offers her another role – to save her country. Twylla jumps at the chance, even though it means to touch another person will mean their death. As she grow older Twylla finds that the burden of new role becomes almost too much to bear, that is until her new guard offers her friendship and support. From that moment on things in her life begin to change, but will it be for the better?

This is a surprising book, full of twists and turns in a world rich with a unique history and mythology and well written characters. The book draws you in, twists you round and keeps you enthralled until the very last page. It is a great read for Young Adults and also adults who love a good read. And to top it all there is a second book in the series, which I must get today and I cannot wait to read the next installment!

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The Sin Eaters Daughter – Journey to Another World

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