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I know it is still only October, but many of us are already Christmas shopping. With that in mind I though I would go through the year’s reviews and pick my favourites for a Top Ten List of Christmas Presents. So have a browse and see if any will make it to your Christmas Shopping List.

Picture Books

  1. By far our favourite picture book this year was Grandma Wombat. Reviewer Sam was even reading it in the car the other day and giggling away to himself and he is 10. This has to be the perfect book for a Christmas gift.
  2. Second on the list for me would be Shh! We Have a Plan. I love the story and the pictures in this book.
  3. The last picture book recommended for Christmas has to be Clarrie’s Pig Day out for it’s play on words and beautiful illustrations. This book is not only fun, it also looks beautiful.

Early Readers

  1. For girl early readers my first recommendation is Max Remy Superspy. This not only has the spy/sleuth element girls seem to love, but it’s characters are what makes these books special.
  2. For boys I would recommended Boy vs Beast. It has the super-hero element boys like and combined with the computer game format these books are winners.
  3. Finally for early reader I think you cannot go past the Andy Griffith and Terry Denton books. Whether it is the earlier readers like The Cat on the Mat is Flat, or the Big Fat Cow Who Goes Kapow, or the Tree House Series you really cannot go wrong.

Advanced Readers and Teens

  1. My favourite book for the advanced readers and teens would be Della Mortika – Voyage to the Antipodes. I loved the book but I also think the interactive website is great! A book to inspire girls!
  2. The Rooftoppers is my next recommendation. This is a truly beautiful story that won awards, but is also loved by children. Set on the rooftops of Paris with a really imaginative story this book does capture the imagination.
  3. My surprise 9th book is The Crown. I know this is girly, but the series will appeal to a wider female audience because of the interesting political links in the story and the well developed characters.

Older Readers

  1. For the older teens I am cheating – one for the boys and one for the Girls. For the boys the adventure series The Novice  is a great holiday read and Passenger, one of the first books reviewed this year it a good post exam read for girls. Both are set in fantasy worlds with interesting stories, characters you can relate to, and importantly are the first books in a series so there are plenty more gift options should your gift me a hit.

Hope you enjoyed my gift recommendations, perhaps you want to leave some of yours for the readers to help with their Christmas shopping.





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Top Ten Reviews – Books for Christmas Presents

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