Richard Scarry’s A Day at the Airport


A couple of years ago one of my aunts gave my son a book I had loved as a child – A Day at the Airport by Richard Scarry. Although he was polite, my newly chapter book reading son was a little put out at getting a picture book. That night I read the book to him and introduced him to the mad world of Richard Scarry, and now this too is one of his favourite books.

So what makes Richard Scarry’s books so interesting? They are well written stories with animal characters that children will love, in this case the cat family have their sailing day washed out and they decided to go to the airport for some fun. But it is the illustrations that really make these books stand out, and why my son enjoyed his new book.

The illustrations are beautiful, and they have the added bonus for children learning to read that parts of the pictures are named so they can build their vocabulary. But what I love about the pictures are they tell their own story. For instance My Pig loses his hat and follows it through the airport and where it ends up being loaded onto a plane and he ends up chasing theplane down the runway. Mr Pig is not part of the main story, but if you look at the pictures you can follow his story as well.unknown1

With a Richard Scarry book a child who cannot yet read words can still ‘read’ the book and enjoy their own stories. And that is why I love these books!

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A Day at the Airport by Richard Scarry

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