Squeak Streetunknown – Old Bun and The Burglar

by Emily Rodda and Andrew McLean

Old  Bun is lives on Squeak Street in Mouse Town. The rich old mouse lives in alone Number 1 Squeak Street, and he is afraid his cheese will be stolen. How fortunate that The Rich Mouse Guard Company arrive at his door to help him protect his cheese? But is he really that fortunate? Are the Guards who they really seem, and who will really help the old mouse guard his cheese?

Emily Rodda is a favourite in this house for her science fantasy works like the Golden Door and Deltora Quest Series, so I was intrigued to read her early reader series. She has teamed up with Andrew McLean to write a series of stories on the mice who live on Squeak Street.

The first book in this series is a lovely story about bravery and doing the right thing and community, with lots of mouse-ism children will love. It is a story that can be read to emerging readers, but the language also works for for those who want to read independently. Best of all for the new readers it is in Chapter Book format, and we all know how much they want to read their very own chapter books. As a bonus, if your child likes this book, with eight other books in the series you may be on to a winner.

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Old Bun and the Burglar – Welcome to Squeak Street

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