The Starbound Trilogy – Beyond These Broken Stars

The Starbound Trilogy by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner


Some time ago I read and reviewed These Broken Stars. I really enjoyed the experience and always meant to read the rest of the series. I then got distracted reading all the other books I had to review and reading the other books in a series was pushed into the background. Then I had an idea – why not follow up on all the books I enjoyed reading that were a part of a series, and see if the series lived up to it’s initial promise? I am starting this exercise with the Starbound Trilogy.

I guess I have already given away that I enjoyed these books as I have included all three in the review. What you won’t know is that I enjoyed them so much I read the last two back to back. In These Shattered Stars we found Lilac and Tarver stranded after a spaceship crash. Their story of love and survival was the main story the first book. We also discovered that Lilac’s father was running experiments with beings from hyper-space.

The second book, This Shattered World, is another love story on another planet, where Jubilee is a soldier and Flynn a member of a local resistance. Their relationship struggles as they try to understand what is happening on planet they both live on. Jubilee is so concerned she calls in her former commander – Tarver  Merendsen – to help.

Their Fractured Light sees Gideon and Sofia investigating what has been going on La-Roux industries, and they stumble upon the existence of hyper-space beings being manipulated by Lilac’s father. They plan to foil his plot only to find that there are others working to the same end.

This series is very clever. On the surface these are classic love stories, but running through the books are some of life’s big questions. If a people are not like us are they then less than human and able to be treated as animals? And is it ok to sacrifice a few to improve the life of the greater population? These heavy themes are lightly and interestingly handled in these stories.

I also enjoyed the symmetry of these novels. Each of the stories are told alternating chapters by the main characters, who are all interesting and well rounded and have their own story to tell. All of the six main characters are interlinked and have continuing roles in the larger story. Each story is also viewed by a hyper-space being, which gives another dimension to our understanding of each of the characters and why they are important to the story as a whole.

All in all the series lived up to the promise of the first book, in fact I would say each book added to the whole making a truly memorable experience. If you have just finished your exams and are looking for some summer reading, I would recommend this series for a summer sloth-out.

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