There is a Monster on my Holiday Who Farts


by Tim Miller and Matt Stanton

(Reviewed by Tahj aged 5 and starting school next year)

Who knew there was a monster who farts? Well Tahj did! Apparently There is a Monster Under my Bed Who Farts is one of his favourite books. After talking to Tahj I did some research and found the farting monster can also be found under the Christmas Tree, and now he is going on Holiday in Tim Miller and Matt Stantons’ new offering.

I have to admit as an female adult I do not really get the fart thing, but I enjoyed the puns in this book and the illustrations are beautiful. I then tried it on our 10 year old reviewer Sam, who also liked the puns and thought the book was ok, but he preferred Matt Stanton’s Did you take  the B From My _ook?

With our luke-warm reaction I then decided to go the the target audience. Tahj sat down and read the book with me and laughed and enjoyed it so much he wanted to take the book home. Finally I had found a lover of the Fart Monster. Tajh says what he likes most is the farting and the pictures. What I enjoyed about reading the book to Tahj was his enjoyment and I still liked the puns.

Why not have a look for yourself in the promotional video below?

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There is a Monster on My Holiday Who Farts – Picture Book Fun

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