Wayfarer – Conclusion to Passenger

Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken

Last year I raved about Alexander Bracken’s Passenger. Such and interesting and easy to read book. I was so excited to receive a copy of  Wayfarer, the conclusion to Passenger, and started reading it straight away. This book was not such an easy read, and even Alexander Bracken herself said this  was a harder book to write, but in many ways it is the better of the two books and a strong ending to Passenger.

In Passenger we are introduced to the idea of people able to travel through time when the central character Etta Spencer found she was one of these travellers. While being sent on a mission to find a artefact called the astrolobe to save her mother she fell in love with an ex-slave Nicholas who helped her on her quest.

Wayfarer see the two lovers separated, looking for each other and trying to find the astrolobe to save the world from changing timelines. This book is way more complex than the first book. It deals with such weighty issues as should you change something just because you can, even if it is for the better? Is duty more important than self? Where does family fit in? This all seems a bit heavy, but set in a fast paced story that steps in and out of history, the themes are handled delicately. And this is still essentially reamains Etta and Nicholas’ love story.

Although I loved reading both these book, I have to say Wayfarer was by far my favourite. I have been thinking long and hard about why and I have to say that while Passenger was a beautiful watercolour, Wayfarer was definitely an oil painting with the same beautiful colours but way more texture. All the characters became three dimensional, with stories that connect the reader into their lives. The settings became more real and more a part of the story, but perhaps that most textural element was getting the reader to think about what might have happened if history had been changed and the life we are living is not the true timeline.

If you enjoyed Passenger, you will love Wayfarer. If you have not read either I suggest you treat yourself. Ok, I know these books are aimed at young adults, and I am supposed to be helping you find books for your young readers, but in this instance I say treat yourself! Buy the books, set aside an afternoon, and enjoy!
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