The Abominables by Eva Ibbotson

A young English Lady is captured by a Yeti to help bring up his children. What a fantastical, Dhalesque idea for a book. I was intrigued and just had to read it. And what a fantastical world Eva Ibbotson created.

This beautiful story introduces us to a very different family, a family of yetis. Each has their own personality and traits and each has a big heart. Lady Agatha Farlingham is brought into their lives and brings them up in the best traditions of English children. But yeti’s live for a long time, and humans not so long. What will happen to Lady Agatha’s family when she is no longer around to protect them? You will not believe her solution!

The Abominables is at its heart and adventure story, but it is also a story about acceptance, tolerance and doing the right thing. Although you may not notice it that much as you will be so caught up in the story and its peculiarities. One of my favourite bits is how Eva Ibbotson explains why we have never been able to find any yetis. This is because their feet are backwards compared to ours, so trackers always think they are going where they have come from.

This is a delightful book that readers who enjoy Roald Dhal should have a look out. I am sure you will be just as enchanted as I was.

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The Abominables – Very Dhalesque!

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