Dr Seuss in The Digital Age

In our house Dr Seuss was a big part of story time and teaching my son to learn how to read. We have almost all of the original Dr Seuss books as well as some of the Cat in the Hat Learning Library. When we went back to England for a family visit and a 4th birthday I loaded some Dr Seuss read along books onto my brand new ipad to amuse Sam on the long journey.

Recently I have read research that says children prefer reading actual books rather than books on e-readers or tablets (see the Scholastic Book report), and that ebooks do not encourage good reading skills as the interaction between parent and child is less and comprehension when reading on screen declines. This got me thinking about whether or not I had been doing the right thing letting Sam read e-books at such a young age.

The reality is that we all give our children devices for entertainment as they are not always going to feel in the mood to read a book, and you are not always going to feel like you want to read to them. After 10 hours in a plane I have to say the last thing I wanted to do was read to Sam, but I was happy to sit back and let the Dr Seuss Green Eggs and Ham ipad app read to me. What I loved about this app was the way the book highlighted the words as they were read, and that it used the traditional book illustrations. At $5.99 the Doctor Seuss Read and Learn Ipad series was great for entertaining Sam on a long trip and may actually have helped him learn to read. Studies have show that books such as these where the words are highlighted as the story is read can children learn to read, in conjunction with traditional methods.

If you are looking for something to help with teaching you child to read, then these Dr Seuss apps would be good as part of the mix, even if it is just to encourage their love of a good story. If you want something to entertain them that you can feel a little less guilt free about then you could look for then definitely go for theDr Seuss Read and Learn Series. They can be purchased on apple devices and I understand they can also be found on Google Play. I did try to look for something simlilar on other devices or on Youtube but I have not found anything else nearly as good.

It seems that Dr Seuss’ stories are so timeless that have even made it to the digital age and is still helping teach children to read.




Dr Seuss in the Digital Age
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