Theodore Boone – John Grisham Joins the Ranks of Children’s Authors

Theodore Boone By John Grisham

While I do try to read what people call good books, I have to admit to enjoying getting stuck into a good crime novel. I admitted as much when I reviewed Exposure, Kathy Reich’s foray into writing teen fiction with her son. I enjoyed that novel so much I was really excited when I was at a recent book sale and spotted some John Grisham books aimed at the teenage reader. I have never been sure why I like John Grisham novels so much. They are not always that well written, the characters are not always likeable, but I always really enjoy reading the books. So it was surprise that I felt the same way about Theodore Boone.

Theodore Boone is a 13 year only child who it would be fair to say is obsessed with the law. This obsession lands him right in the middle of a murder case and he has to decide what is the right thing for him to do – betray a confidence or let a murderer walk free.

Having a male only child myself I understand  that they do tend to be a little off-beat, and Theodore is certainly a boy who moves to his own beat. While I did like his character I was a little dismayed that he is the only fully developed child character in the whole book. Theodore’s uncle, a disbarred lawyer, is the person he chooses to work out his problem with. In addition the story sometimes feels a little forced rather than flowing naturally.

You would thing from this that I did not enjoy the book, but I have to say I did. The story-line was intriguing, it moved along quickly, and there were enough surprises to keep me interested. And, as an adult, I was not too concerned about the other main characters all being adults. But I did think I should delve deeper into whether or not this would bother a child reading the book – so I asked Sam to do this review with me.

Sam says – I think the book is intriguing and I am really enjoying it, but there is perhaps too much about the law in it and not enough excitement or twists. But I still enjoyed it.

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