A Different Dog by Paul Jennings

A boy and a dog – what a great idea for a story! But in this book Paul Jennings has written a very different story!

I love going into libraries and bookshops to find books to review. I loved the cover of this book, and when I read the back I was sold! “The forest is dense and dark. And the trail full of unexpected perils. The dog can’t move. The boy can’t talk. And you won’t know why. Or where you are going. You will put this story down not wanting the journey to end.” Wow – how true!

Many of us will know Paul Jennings from his Rascal books, or from his funniest, spookiest weirdest books. But in A Different Dog he shows his skill as a weaver of stories. In a Different Dog he takes the reader on a roller-coster journey with they boy in the book that lasts a day and a year. I had tears in my eyes – tears of sadness and tears of happiness. I could not put the book down. And when I was forced at the end of the story I was not quite sure whether I was happy or sad, but I knew I had enjoyed the journey.

To tell you any more of the story line would give the whole book away. What I can tell you is that for adults this is a beautiful, emotional, well written short story. For children this is a look at how the odd child out deals with life, and the beautiful relationship that can develop between a child and their pet and how this can be life changing – for both! As a bedtime read to share with your children, this is a must (and I say that about very few books).

I would love to hear if you know of any other books like A Different Dog – you know, the ones that you must have in your collection!


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A Different Dog – A Different Book!

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