Summoner Book Three The Battlemage

by  Taren Matharu

In this weeks review reviewer Sam looks at the final book in one of his favourite series – The Summoner Series by Taren Matharu.

In books one and two Fletcher leant he was a summoner. He learnt how to summon demons and to control them so the demons would fight for him against other sommoners, and eventually all summoner would be sent to fight in the war against Orcs. Fletcher was to become a soldier, but he was imprisoned by Inquisitor Rook. Once he was found innocent of charges he was sent to the front lines on a mission to go to the orc temple to bring down the orcs from the heart of their empire. But all did not go to plan and Fletcher and his team got trapped in the orcs part of the aether realm.

In book three fletcher is trapped in the ether with Sylvia, Othello, Briss and his mother Alice Ralaigh. They try to escape the jungle of the orcs aether to find a way back to hominions part of it. But unfortunately the orcs leader khan is chasing them ruthlessly eventually they get out of the aether only to find hominom in chaos because of the apparent dwarf rebellion so Fletcher and his friend make a daring plan to get inquisitor rook and lord Forsyth. After that fletcher goes to rebuild Raleighshire but when the orcs attack his army and Didric show their one fighting and one running in cowardice will the orcs win and break the barrier to hominion and destroy the empire?

My favourite character is Fletcher because of his. Bravery and humility .

I’d recommend this book for ages 10 to 15 because it is more of an older story that most children wouldn’t understand.

P.S best book in the series so far Taran Matharu is a very good author and his books are some of the best I’ve read!


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Battlemage – Final of The Summoner Series

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