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Picture Books are great! They make me smile and the. they can make me laugh I love them even more. Today I look at two books about books that made me laugh out loud!

It’s a Book by Lane Smith

One of my aunts sent me this book. Okay, she sent it for reviewer Sam but I like to think she knew I would also enjoy it.

This is a book for today’s children who have grown up with technology. Monkey has to patiently explain how a book works to a techno savvy jackass, who can only think in terms of how hand held devices work. This book is beautifully illustrated and hilarious, and I think every home should have one.

The Wrong Book by Nick Bland

Everyone loves Nick Bland’s animal books, but my favourite book of his is The Wrong Book. As always, this book has great illustrations and well written story that will capture children’s imaginations.

In The Wrong Book Nicholas Ickle is trying to tell us about a book, and all these weird and wonderful characters turn up but they are not part of Nicholas’ book. He is getting increasingly frustrated until….. well you will just have to read the book to find out.



If you are looking to expand your picture book collection I would definitely recommend these two books about books as they are fun to read and they will have you and your children laughing through story time.


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Books About Books
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