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There is a lot of information about how important it is to read to babies from an early age to help with language development, in fact I I have written about it in  previous blogs. I have been making a few cloth Baby Books for the The Bookbubble stall at our local markets and have been doing some research into what makes a good book for babies. I thought I might share that information with you today.

There were two things I knew before starting my baby book making project, and that was i) In many ways it does not matter what you read to your new baby, just that you talk and read to them and ii) The baby will inevitably want to hold the book. It is the second bit I have the problem with as I actually cannot bare to have a book ripped or broken. I feel like a friend a has been hurt. So TIP ONE, buy two types of books. The ones that you love reading to baby, and ones that they can handle themselves.

The books you love reading to your baby are easy to find. They might be memories from your childhood, or recommended by friends or ones that you liked when you went into the bookshop. The ones for baby to touch and hold are slightly different. Most of all they need to be robust! They will need to stand up to pulling and even potentially chewing. TIP TWO, cloth books and board books are great for baby’s first books.

And the funny thing about the books that babies will want to touch and that you have bought them to “read” for themselves is that they do not even need to have words! Babies are developing all their senses, and so books that are tactile  or make sounds are great as you can encourage your baby to touch while you are reading to them. Osborne have a great tactile reading series of board books, and there are many books around with squeakers and holes for your fingers to go into that allow baby to interact. Bold images are great! These can be black and white or just simple, well drawn images that catch your baby’s eye. (Recently I had a mum trying to buy a Guess How Much I Love You cloth book for her baby, but the baby wanted a Peter Rabbit one). Babies also love faces. Any books with faces or mirrors are a big hit with babies. TIP THREE, buy books fro babies to interact with or with bold images, faces and mirrors. And, finally, TIP FOUR, babies know what they like from early on. They will reach for the books they like, and this is a good indication of what will capture their attention.

Hope this helped you choose some books for the new babies in your life. If you Bub has loved a book please let us all know what that book is, I would love to hear what your babies are reading!



A small but growing selection of baby book can be found at The Bookbubble store.


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Buying First Books for Babies

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