Reading Activities for the Holidays – Really?

Reading Activities for the Holidays – Really?

I have tried to get inspired about reading activities for the school holidays, but I have to admit that it has been a struggle – and this for a family who loves books. I can only imagine what it is like for those of you who have children who don’t really like to read. So this blog may be better retitled ‘Holiday Reading Activities with Little Effort Required’.

For those of you who are full of energy, I have a previous post with holiday reading activities, and another with fun library activities. But for those of you like me where the last term has left you and the family drained, there is little left in the tank to get too excited about literacy activities, let alone geeing the children up to participate. So here up my tips for feeling like you are doing something with very little effort.

  1. Audio Books

    – Libraries have good selections, and we buy books for the kindle ap and add audio, which gives a cheap way to get an audio book. There are also some great free clips on Youtube. You can feel good because listening to stories helps with reading skills. Our family loves the How to Train Your Dragon series read by David Tennant. The good thing about listening to audio books is it can be done anywhere: in the car on a long journey, while you are waiting for the dentist, as a treat when you want to send the children to bed and they want to stay up late because of the holidays, after a morning on the beach when everyone needs a nana nap……

  2. Book basket

    – Give each family member a book basket, crate, shelf….. for the holidays. Get everyone to put in their three to five favourite reads in this area. Get them to take a look through each others books. Take a trip to the library, second hand stalls, markets, bookshops if they have pocket money, see if you can build their favourite reads. But be inventive – see if they can find a new book for you or each other? Or play I can find one I think you will like? You don’t even have to buy or lend the book the activity will get them looking at books, reading covers etc.

  3. The Movie Game

    – There are so many books to movies and movies to books nowadays. So next time they want some device time get them to choose a favourite book and find out if there is a movie out for that book (or if they have a favourite movie get them to find the book). See if there are any movie clips or excerpts from the books. Maybe if there is a movie you can watch it as a family, or if there is a book they might actually get interested in reading it. But the point is just to get them thinking about books and still doing what they want to over the holidays, sit in front of a screen.

  4. Watch a movie

    – Of course the movie game may require too much effort these holidays, so why not just choose a movie based on a book and watch it. Maybe if you are feeling up to it leave the book lying around. Captain Underpants and Lego Ninjago are both out these holidays and both have books out – many books…. Maybe a trip to the library after watching the movie to find books while they are inspired a good idea?

  5. Clearing Out the Old Books

    – I have noticed that whenever I want to clear outgrown items from my son’s room they suddenly become more precious. So here is a thought. Why not set your children the task of getting rid of their old books for charity. There is a high likelihood that you will find them reading something at some stage, and at the very least you may get rid of some clutter.

These are a few of my ideas from a very tired brain, I would love for you to leave some more either on the Facebook page or in the comments on this blog. For me I am looking forward to the holidays. Our first day tomorrow was supposed to be a PJ day, but already it looks like we will have to get out of the house at some time, even just for food. But I plan to get lost in the book for next week’s blog, and reviewer Sam still has the Divergent series to finish, so maybe a lie in in the morning will be the best we can get.

Happy Relaxing Holidays

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