Funny Kid for President by Matt Stanton

Reviewer Sam loved Did you take the B from my _ook?, so when I had an opportunity to read funny kid for president also by Matt Stanton I jumped at it, even though the jokey kid/reluctant reader is not really my thing.

I approached my book review this week with hope and more than a little trepidation, and after the first chapter I was going a

little more with trepidation than hope. The first chapter was all about poop. I get that kids find poop really funny, but me…. well I just cringed my way through the first chapter wondering if I could even finish the book! But finish the book I did. There are more ‘poop like’ moments that I as an adult did not appreciate but kids will find hilarious, but this book is so much more than that.

Matt does not get on with his teacher, and so finds himself in the race for class president which he is determined to win just to get back at Mr Armstrong. But things don’t go to plan, and Matt finds himself working with his campaign manager Hugo, his arch enemy Abby Purcell and a duck towards a surprising election conclusion. The story is fast paced and the illustrations are integral to the story line, which is great for reluctant readers and younger children who want to stretch themselves alike (the book is aged for 8+). And it is funny! Even I found myself laughing and smiling. But most importantly for me it is a great story about rivalry and friendship packaged in a great way that kids will want to read.

With Christmas coming up this is a great gift idea, and I even know a couple of children who may find this in their Christmas present.


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Funny Kid for President – Very Funny

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