The Lovely Dark by K.A. Last

When I was a teenager I loved reading scary stories, but I lost that love a little as I grew older. The Lovely Dark by indie author K.A. Last may just have gotten me back in the groove!

Some time ago I reviewed K.A.Last’s first book Fall for Me  as my first ever review of an indie author, and I had a lot of fun reading that book and trying a new genre. That she has written and published other books in the interim really show in her new book about three teens who fall down a hole while on school camp and inadvertently release a dark force into the world with dire consequences. The Lovely Dark actually grabs the reader and pulls them into the story in a way Fall for Me did not.

The plot moves at a fast pace and has just enough scare to make you uncomfortable but not put the book down. The story entwines modern day witch-craft with modern teenage relationships and sucks you in from the first page. The main characters are are well imagined, in fact I am sure they went to my school when I was growing up. The story is told by Harvey, who is a genuinely nice guy who feels awkward in most situations. Not a hero at all! I think many boys will identify with him. His best friend Toni is quirky, the girl many of us were at school, and Lian gives a fresh look at the popular girl. Together they try to right the wrong they have caused in the way only teenagers can, and not always with the best outcome.

I surprisingly enjoyed my dip into the Lovely Dark and think many Young Adult readers will too. Not only will they see themselves and their friends in the book, which adds to the tension as the plot unfolds as they will be able to imagine it is them caught in the Lovely Dark. I also think a lot of grown up children would love this read too, because we all like to remember our high school days and who doesn’t enjoy a little scare every now and then?



  To Purchase The Lovely Dark go to K.A. Last’s website for options

The Lovely Dark – Truely Lovely and Just the Right Amount of Dark

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