A Garden of Lilies Improving Tales for Young Minds by Prudence A Goodchild

(from the world of Stella Montgomery by Judith Rossell)

Are your children misbehaving? Driving you to distraction? We have the answer. Introduce them to a Garden of Lilies and all your problems will be solved!

I imagine this would be a 19th Century advertisement for this week review book, A Garden of Lillies by Judith Rossell. From A to Z this book has cautionary tales for the the indigent, the lazy, and the child who wants to play or day-dream. It seems any child who will not do what is expected them will come to an untimely end. And those ends will have you in stitches.

In addition A Garden of Lilies is full of great advice for on things to do for the well behaved child like; embroider with fish scales, dry seaweed, and learn the language of flowers.

Although this is a modern fictitious version of a Victorian book for children, it gives you a fair idea of the life of a Victorian child. And it will give you a bit of a chuckle along the way. Written as a companion book for the Stella Montgomery Children’s Series, the book is given to Stella by one of her Aunts, this book can be read as a stand-alone just for a bit of fun.

Children who like historic fiction will really enjoy reading A Garden of Lilies. Parents will also find it hilarious – we can but dream!


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A Garden of Lilies – Cautionary Tales for the Modern Child

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