I Heard a Rumour by Nancy Krulik and Attack of the Dragons by Geronimo Stilton

With school in Australia now back in full swing I am sure many parents are now back on the home reader treadmill. It is hard getting children to read their homework when the books do not really capture their imagination. This is especially hard when they feel they are too old for readers and they want to read chapter books. One of the ways I used to get around this was to offer four days of readers and one of a book they they wanted to read.

There are a great range of home reader style books, and also some for the next level up, the 8-12 reading age. Today I have picked two books to give you some ideas for your children. They are both from series, which is a great bonus because there are always more should your children enjoy the first one.

Author Nancy Krulik has developed a great series for girls who love to read all about other girls. How I Survived Middle School is aimed at 8 plus girls. Jenny has started middle school, and she basically survives by asking a website to help her with any problems she and her friends have. In I Heard. Rumour they try to track down where the mean gossip columnist Madame X is getting her information form. While searching for the culprit, Jenny and her friends also try to find ways to help another of their group get to the school dance.

This is the type of series I would have enjoyed as a girl. Nancy Krulik takes you into Jenny’s world and you experience her joys and embarrassments. Many girls will enjoy her stories and will identify with the characters, and maybe learn something about other people in the meantime.

The books by Edizione Piemme writing as Geronimo Stilton have been around for years. There are different series, and there are even some books by his sister Thea Stilton. The book I read was from the Miceking Series called The Attack of the Dragons. I have to say this book is not really my type of read at all, but I can see why many children enjoy them. The language is simple, key words are in different fonts and colours, and the illustrations help keep the story moving.

The story itself was engaging. Geronimo is part of a burly tribe of Mousekings, but unlike the others in his tribe he does not like outdoor pursuits or anything that is remotely dangerous. So of course he finds himself on a quest to get something guarded by dragons.

The plot moves quickly, is funny and has great twists and turns. I can see why children love these books, and why so many reluctant readers will pick up Geronimo Stilton when they would walk past other more traditional book.

There are many more options for you to check out in our early reader review section, but if you are looking for something else outside of home readers for your budding reader these two are definitely worth a look.


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Middle Grade Readers – a Mouse and a Gossip

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