A Very Modern Enchanting Fairy

Enchanting the Fey by Rebecca Bosevski

Lots of little girls love fairy stories and then many grow out of them. Some never do. And some, like me, find themselves immersed in a land of fairies for the first time as an adult and loving it.

I do a lot of research for this site. I look for new books coming out. I look for different books to review. And I research topics I think parents might be interested in that will help them support their children’s reading. Sometimes though books come to me, and this is a real joy of the job. In one of the newsletters I receive and offer came through for a 99c book. I was loading up my kindle for the holidays at the time and the idea of a cheap book appealed. And thank goodness I did, because Enchanting the Fey was a lifesaver on a eight hour flight where my in house entertainment did not work.

Normally I am not a fairy type of girl, inspite of my love of fantasy stories, and when I first started this book I cannot say I was instantly drawn in. In fact I nearly put it down after the first chapter. I had a love hate relationship with the main character. She was brash and worked in the fashion industry, but she was also strong and independent. So I gave myself a stern talking to. I said  that I should read this for the good of the site as many young adults would love this book for the very reasons I was not drawn to it. I started on Chapter Two and I am so pleased I did.

Desmoree is a modern girl brought up by her mother and not knowing much about her past. On what starts off as a bad day and gets worse she finds herself at the centre of a war between two waring Fey bands, and she must unlock her magic so she can heal the land of the Fey. While this story occurs in a fantasy world it is really about love, betrayal, trust and finding out who you really are. In essence it is a young adult coming of age story.

What I really liked about this book is the pace of the story and the twists that keep you interested. Desmoree is a great central character. She is strong and independent, and she becomes more rounded in the book as she learns to trust others. But what I really loved about Enchanting the Fey is the world Bosevski created. It is not the fluffy, fuzzy world you would imagine the fairies living in. It is full of prickles and can be deadly, but it is truely fantastical.

Although there are a lot of teens who would love this book there is young adult language and relation themes in the book, but you will know whether or not your child can handle that. However, for your older teens and young adults who love a little time out from reality, this is a truely interesting series for you to get them hooked on.

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