The Very Cranky Bear

by Nick Bland

I know I like to find new and different books for you all to read, and I know the Cranky Bear has been around for a while. But he is new to me.

I did some baby sitting recently and wanted to take round something to read to two three year olds. They love dinosaurs, but I took a copy of the Cranky Bear as well just in case. He was a hit, and not just with the children.

The story is an age old bored children annoying a cranky old man, oops bear, who they wake up from his sleep. The children all try to make the bear feel better, but one child in particular finds the key to making the cranky bear happy.

I had to read this book three times, a job that was made easier by the rhyming style the story was told in. It is also interactive in that the children can guess a lot of the next words. The reading-out-loud package is completed with great illustrations that children love to look at and comment on.

I do not know how I missed the joy of reading this book for so long, and I might have to delve into some of Nick Bland’s other bear books.


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