The Queens Rising by Rebecca Ross

The Queen’s Rising should come with a warning on the cover – “Beware, this book will want to be read in a single sitting”.

You never know what type of book you will get when you ask a publisher for some books to review, so it was nice to get one right up my alley, a YA fantasy with a strong female lead. I was happy I had another book for Fantasy month.

Brienna is studying to become a Passion in Knowledge, someone who demonstrates they have knowledge and know how to use it at the highest level, but while studying for her final test she starts seeing into the past. To top it off, to become a fully fledged Passion she must find a patron, which she fails to do. Her teachers have faith in her and they finally find her a patron in an unexpected place, and so begins a journey into rebellion and intrigue.

Right from the beginning Rebecca Ross’ characters are appealing and very likable. The setting is strange, yet familiar. The plot is fast paced and keeps you wanting to read more. It is unusual to have a fantasy adventure complete in a single book, and the fact that this one does is very satisfying.

I lost myself in this book, and 13+ lovers of fantasy, action and coming of age stories should definitely give it a read. You may even love it as much as me.


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The Queen’s Rising – Compulsive Read!

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