An Hour of Your Time Can Produce Gold

I love a new book. I love to be the first one to open a book and to read it til the end. Even if I buy a book for both my husband and I to read it is only with great reluctance that I will let him read it first. So it will come as no surprise to you that I never really liked second hand book sales, well until recently.

My first foray was with a friend when she went to the local Lifeline sale. I was amazed by the number of people coming out with bags full of books. I thought to myself there really cannot be that many books there that I would want to read, not second hand…..

Fast forward to an hour later when I emerge with a box of books. It started with a Leon Uris book I wanted to re-read  which I found and it spiraled from there. I now enjoy spending a good hour or so in local second hand book stalls, stores and sales, and I am never disappointed.

I am at home in New Zealand at the moment and my brother was talking about a local book sale. I was not going to go as I did not have much weight allowance left, and books eat up weight very quickly. However, on a wet afternoon I decided an hour or so would be a little fun, and I am pleased I did because I found some real gems, and I have 5 examples of why spending an hour of your time can do wonders for building your children’s reading library. not ;east because I spent NZ$2.5o to get the quality books I am going to tell you about, one of which I found on one the ABLE website selling for US$37. Each still have a number of reads left in them, and would be a  great addition to a reading library apart from the savings buying second hand provides.

      1. My personal favourite,

        Calling All Puppies Written and Illustrated by Winifred Martin

        This is a picture book from the 1950’s about two Wire-haired Fox Terrier puppies and their puppy friends – Cocker spaniels, Scottie, Pekingese and others. Illustrated with charming full page colour portraits and dozens of black and white text drawings by the author/artist it is the most adorable book for dog lovers. This is truly a lovely story with beautiful illustrations.

      2. A great read by and author commissioned to write some of the Frozen Books,

        Jitterbug Jam: A Monster Tale by Barbara Jean Hicks and Alexis Deacon

        This reverse monster under the bed tale is well written and superbly illustrated and touchingly funny. Children will just love it, and parents will love reading it to them. If you want to know a little more  you can read the goodreads blurb here.

      3. A timeless tale,

        The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin by Beatrix Potter

        Any Beatrix Potter book is a find, and when the cheapest new online price I could find was $5, and secondhand price 99c, 50 cents to buy this lovely tale written and illustrated as only Beatrix Potter did is a steal. The book tells of Squirrel Nutkin when he goes to the Island to gather nuts with his brother Twinkleberry, and their cousins. I bought this book not only because of the author, but I loved the line on the first page that tells us this is a Tale about a Tail. Priceless in so many ways!

      4. A tween book not for the faint-hearted,

        Dangerous Spaces by Margaret Mahy

        Margaret Mahy had a unique view of the world, writing books that took children into places they could only ever imagine. In this story an ordinary girl blurs the boundaries between reality and imagination in a spine-tingling way that is relieved by the humorous picture of her everyday life. This is not one one her best loved books, but when you pay 50c you may as well give it a read. I have only just started reading it, but I am already hooked so it was worth my tiny investment. You can read the goodreads review here.

      5. A New Zealand Book Award Finalist,

        The Lies of Harry Wakatipu by Jack Lasenby

        I have to admit I did not buy this for me, but for reviewer Sam. I thought he might like the line on the back cover that states Harry Wakatipu is a legend in his own sleeping bag. This is a collection of fantastic stories told by Harry the Horse, and is written by the man who who edited the reading journals we kiwi kids of my generation grew up on. I just had to have this one because I wanted my son to have a taste of my culture. I will have to wait until I get home to see what he makes of it, but for 50c it was worth a punt. There is a review on goodreads.

These books are why I love second hand book stalls; you can find timeless gems, be taken back to your childhood, try something new, just waste an hour or so on a wet do-nothing day, and for such a small you might just find something you or your children will love.

Why I Love Second Hand Book Sales

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