Swim Season by Marianne Sciucco

I stumbled on Swim Season, read the first couple of chapters and decided to buy it from Amazon. I found this book on Instafreebie , where independent authors can distribute free books and stories. It was my first time using the site and I downloaded a few books to review. I was initially frustrated when I found that most of what I thought were books were actually the first couple of chapters of books. Then I realised that it was actually a useful tool to cut the wheat from the chaff because I could decide which books I like enough to actually purchase.

So out of the five books I looked at I was taken by Swim Swim Season, a story about a high school senior who had moved to a new school for her final year and joined the swim team. Aerin has much to deal with in her personal life, not least the relationship between her estranged father and mother and her father’s new family, but she manages to make new friends and beings to enjoy life in her new school on her terms. This all changes when it is found out she really is a much better swimmer than she has been letting on. Then her friendships are tested and she has to decided what she really wants out of life.

Marianne Sciucco has written a great book that keeps the reader involved from beginning to end. We will all recognise her characters from our own high school days, no matter what country you love in, and we will all recognise the struggles they go through to find out who they really are. It is a great read for high school girls and mums alike.

If this book does not convince you that you should give independent authors a whirl, then try Instafreebie and you might just be surprised by what you find.


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Swim Season – A Lovely Coming of Age Story
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