Don’t Ever Look Behind Door 32

by B.C.R. Fegan and Lenny Wen

After such a long period off I am excited to return with a review of a book I just adored reading. I was so excited because I do not get asked to review many picture books, and once I read this book I was excited to share it with others. Unfortunately, until I was able to write this review, that was with my husband and son. But now I get to tell all of you about this imaginative and beautifully illustrated story that older picture book readers in your family will really enjoy.

As a writer, B.C.R. Fegan has turned a counting book into a funny and slightly scary adventure through a monster hotel all told in rhyme, which we parents love as it does help when reading a story book out loud. The monsters encountered in each room have very different personalities, and are wonderfully illustrated by Lenny Wen. As you can imagine, the children in the book cannot help themselves and they must open the door to Room 32 and they find…… well of course you will have to read for yourselves. I can telling you the ending will not give your children nightmares, in fact it is more likely to have them heading to bed with giggles.

I love that this book is so very different from other books I have reviewed, and that it deals with that next level in counting for children – taking them above the 1-10. The rhymes and characters make a great tale, but really for me this book is taken to that level of a great book by the illustrations. Reviewer Sam and I went back through the book just to look at the images that went with the words. Lenny Wen has captured the monsters and actions in this book in a way that really make it sing. And the final piece of the puzzle that makes this book one of my favourites is the twist at the end. Adults and children alike will love how it finishes. At the very least it will bring a smile, if not a full belly laugh.

Would I recommend this book – most definitely. I would love to see more like this out there to choose from.

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What Is Behind the Door of Room 32?

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