The Wizard and The Warrior Book One

by Vivienne Lee Fraser

This week’s review is dear to my heart, but I will let you read what reviewers Sam and Ruby made of this debut YA Fantasy novel.

Beginnings (by Sam Aged 11)

This book written by Vivienne Fraser follows two characters, Aliah and Seamus, on a journey to warn the king of treachery and betrayal by his closest advisers!

Aliah or Alihandra is sent to marry the King Caston,  but before she leaves home she gets word that the King of Caston will still attack so she escapes the ship and goes to warn the King. Seamus is the son to the Duke of Hand, a mysterious isle off the coast of Aria where no magic is allowed. He has the gift of magic so he runs away to learn to be a wizard.

My favourite part is when Seamus and Aliah are traveling through the sewers and the tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife.

My favourite character is Seamus because he is so resourceful but shy.

I recommend this book for ages 10-16 as a short but descriptive and action packed story full of spirit and excitement.

Beginnings (by Ruby aged 10)

I was given this book to read. It was good and I really liked it because it was funny and easy to read. I really liked Seamus. I hope you are writing more more book sin this series because I want too read more books like this.


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Beginnings – The Wizard and Warrior Book One

One thought on “Beginnings – The Wizard and Warrior Book One

  • July 23, 2018 at 3:49 pm

    This book has messages on an adult level, around the political machinations that some people with power will go to, to keep or attain power.


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