The Day That a Ran Away by B.C.R Fegan (Illustrated by Lenny Wen)

I started this group of reviews focusing on books published by their authors or small publishing houses to give you an idea of the range of books available through non-traditional publishing. I am lucky enough to finish with a picture book by the same team I started with – BCR Fegan and Lenny Wren.

The first book – Don’t Ever Look Behind Door 32 – was a great counting book, looking at learning to count beyond ten. Their new offering is a twist on learning your alphabet. The teacher asks Jet why he had not done his homework, writing out the alphabet, and Jet comes up with the best excuse you could imagine.

The book is fun to read, and you will be surprised at what the alphabet can get up too. And, as always, there is a little twist at the end to bring a smile. For me what really makes this book are the fantastic illustrations by Lenny Wen. They are so detailed and colourful children will love the book for these alone.

The pairing of Fegan and Wen is just one example of the rich world of children and YA literature that is out there beyond tradition publishing. Why not head out and have a look? You may be pleasantly surprised.


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The Day That a Ran Away

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