Zombie Boy by K.S.Hall

Who would have thought I would really enjoy reading a Zombie book?

It started out with my wanting to read some books published by independent authors. Someone suggested a read Zombie Boy by K. S. Hall, and at first I was not very keen. I tried to get reviewer Sam to take it on, but he was not keen either – it seems zombies really are not a thing in our family. So I took a deep breath and started reading, such is my dedication to providing a range of reviews.

I read chapter one, which was from the zombie perspective, and I forced myself to read chapter two from a human perspective. Next thing I knew I had finished the book and it was past the hour more sensible people would have put their books down and gone to sleep.

The story is simple. 11 year old Aiden has contracted the horrid XR-30 virus, which has turned many in his home town into zombies, but he is different. He can still think and feel and has limited control over his body.12 year old James is trying to help his family stay away from an increasing number of zombies, yet when he meets Aiden he realises something is different. Together they go on an adventure that will hopefully save Aiden and the world.

Although this book is set in a zombie apocalypse it is really an adventure story with a side helping of friendship and agreat big dollop of ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ (on two levels in terms of how people treat zombies, and how people see zombie stories). Obviously I really enjoyed the read. The children are great literary characters, the action is fast paced, and the story is catchy. On that alone I would recommend this book. But, on reflection, this is also a very clever book. As boys are so often emerging themselves in zombie culture with TV series, movies and video games, K. S. Hall has hit on a winning formula that might actually entice these boys to read, and to read a quality book.

Love this this hidden gem, and I think your zombie loving children will too.

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Zombie Boy – Who would have thought I would love a book about Zombies?

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