The 1000 Year Old Boy

The 1000 Year old Boy by Ross Welford

By Sam (Aged 12)

Last school holidays I gave reviewer Sam a different sort of book to read and was surprised at how much he enjoyed it, in fact it was a struggle to get his nose out of it!

Alve is a Norse boy hiding with his mother and cat Biffa in the woods in the 21 century. They have a nice life until two kids, Roxy and Adean, find out where they live, and from then it all goes all catastrophically wrong. His house burns down and he loses his mother, and to make thing even worse there is a strange man following Alve claiming to be his long lost father. Can he trust this mysterious man? Can he find a way to live a normal life even though he is 1000 years old and does not age?

My favourite character is Alve because he has the strength to carry on through the hardest of times and the endurance to continue on his journey, but Biffa made me smile because he always showed up at the weirdest of times.

My favourite part in the story is when Alve escapes his house when it is burning. The description was very good and detailed the situation very clearly, which meant I could really imagine I was in the story.

I recommend this book for ages 9 to 12. Younger readers will enjoy the great story, even if it is read to them, older readers will enjoy the descriptions. Although it is a longer book, the story is fast paced and can be read read quite quickly.

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