The Puppy Place – Molly

by Ellen Miles

I am not sure if you have noticed, but there are a number of young children, especially girls, who love animal. Our poor dog Trouble was cuddled within and inch of his life when I took him to a recent school sports event. And when I run the book stall girls browsing always ohh and ahh over the books with animals on the covers. They are some of my best sellers. Wondering what this was all about, I set out on a mission to find out why animal books are such big sellers.

The Puppy Place is a series of books by Ellen Miles about Charlie and Lizzie who are part of a family who foster rescue puppies. Molly is one of those puppies. She has been left in the care of a nursery owner who is worried a pre-school environment may not be suitable for a dog. Charlie’s family say they will foster her for a while, and Charlie sets out to prove that the gentle and loving Molly is just the dog for the pre-school. The only problem is Molly is a rottweiller puppy, and one of Charlie’s school mates points out these dogs are know to attack people. A now worried Charlie sets out to find he truth about Molly.

Molly is a heart warming book, with lots of ahhhh moments, but it also has some serious messages about not judging until you know all the fact, and it teaches readers about how puppies and dogs should be treated. And it is a good read for those early chapter book readers, boys and girls alike.

I always say to get children reading reading books you need to find out what interests them, and a lot of children are interested in animals. So have a look at this series of books and I am sure you will find one to suit your animal loving child.



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Molly – A Heart Warming Read

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